Show me your Love – Create love by own hands

A new week!! How was your weekend? A wonderful day? Hmmm… I had wonderful days. On Saturday, I changed my hairstyle; and on Sunday, I gave my hands to my aunt’s new shop – a princess room for girls’ clothes. Thus, it was a busy day, but full of happiness. You see, Monday is the busiest day in a week, so I wanna you can relax when read my post. So today, I desire to show something interesting to you.
Hmmm… Have you ever made anything by your own hands? Yes, it’s DIY. I had when I was still a student. If you’re free now, follow me to create something to please yourself.

Now you see what you made, yes, it’s rose. Present as a gift to your lover, your friends, your mum, or even yourself, keep a nice mood!!!( present to me, if you could, and I’ll be very very happyJ LOVE U!! )

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