Best Places to Stick Your Wall Stickers

The self-adhesive vinyl wall sticker or decal has been around for a while now, it combines practicality and low cost with huge impact and lots of style. Applied in minutes they will last for years and if one tires of a design then one simply peels off and discards. Designed principally with painted walls in mind the enormous range of designs colours and sizes mean there's always a sticker somewhere that's for you.

Something you may not have realised is that wall stickers will work anywhere they can stick! Inside, outside (they are made from the same material that Waitrose decorate their delivery vans with) up, down and all around; if it's smooth they'll stick. And they'll stay, because most stickers are made from UV resistant vinyl and will keep their colour even in direct sunlight for five years.

With this in mind it's worth suggesting a few decorating options you may not have considered. Because stickers are the same on both sides they will work on windows and patio doors; obviously a nature based design would work, a tree branch, a flock of birds etc.. but what about something crazy like a fireplace! A good idea would be to pick something consisting of a collection of small items or thin flowing lines so not too much light is blocked. Stickers on patio doors have the added benefit of helping people to not walk into them.

Another great place to put perhaps smaller designs is on mirrors, a flowing flowery design can make a simple mirror look very sophisticated and stylish, or if you have a very large bathroom mirror how about an enormous pair of eyes watching you!

A wall stickers adhesive, whilst strong is also quite gentle and leaves no residue so they can be applied to furniture without fear of damaging its finish if you change your mind. We're always being told we can jazz up our kitchen with new cupboard doors as if that costs a fiver and takes ten minutes to order and fit but how about some stickers instead? There are many architectural designs available that would be suitable for just such a setting and one large design could easily be cut into pieces to cover several doors. Once again it will look very stylish and won't break the bank.

So there you have it, the wonderful world of vinyl stickers. If you can think it you can stick it.