Creative Wallpapers That You Would Not Think Of

Wallpaper is very ordinary for us. To decorate our home, we may have seen a wide variety of wallpapers for different uses. However, Wallpaper isn't what it used to be and I bet you never thought it could look this unique!

So you have your absolutely amazing house and insanely cool furniture – what comes next? New ideas and revolutionary techniques have allowed artists and designers to bring two-dimensional surfaces to life through creative wallpapers and wallpaper designs. 

Let's take a look~

To tell you the truth, i thought it was a lobster when i first saw this picture...
Pay attention that actually it is a big red pepper :D
I believe that having this wallpaper in your kitchen will bring you a good appetite.

This wallpaper on the elevator door is so creepy...but also very three-dimensional feeling like the angry dog will almost rush out...It reminds me of the monster with three heads in 《Harry Potter》...

Light-emitting wallpaper owes its appealing luminescence to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) embedded in the wall covering. Tiny, thin and cool, LEDs allow wallpaper designers like Jonas Samson of The Netherlands to create innovative wallpapers that double as light sources – they can even be adjusted to provide as much light as needed or desired.
Interactivity can liven up wallpaper in a hurry, as these color-changing papers by artist Shi Yuan illustrate. Heat rising from a wall-mounted radiator causes a berry bush to bloom while above right, the warmth of one’s hands add color to a previously monotone background.

Notes of a different kind make up the above wallpaper, Pixelnotes from artist and graphic designer Duncan Wilson. The wallpaper is made up of four layers divided into individual squares resembling sticky notes. The notes can even be written upon and detached, exposing a different colored note from the layer beneath. As notes are removed, a pattern begins to reveal itself.

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