Do not feel lonely - Butterflies are always with you

Hello Wednesday!!! Have you learned to DIY the papered rose? I did one and present to my friend!! :D I’m so glad to share happy with you!!
Have you found the phenomenon that kids are psychological maturity nowadays? Something interesting has happened to me. My nephew and niece’s affair. My nephew wanna learn the music. And he chose the Er Hu(a traditional musical instrument of China). I asked him why not choose Guitar or piano, he said,’I’m lonely…’. You see he is just a 7 years old boy. I really can’t understand. And on Sunday, when I talked with my niece, she told me that she slept alone now, and she felt so lonely(she is 6 years old~)……What is your feeling about these? Have you experienced these? In order to solve these problem, I wanna give some advices for you and me.
To my niece, I’ll choose her favorite butterflies to decorate her room. Little girl always has a dream of becoming fairy. So I wanna she could have a good sleep with so many butterflies surrounded her.

Although I can't understand their thought, I still wanna they can happy everyday!! Maybe you feel you have done your best to take care of your girl or boy, but remember take more time to be with them! They need you! 

(pics from wallstickeroutlet and etsy, thanks fr sharing!)

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