Black Cats In Your Room

Do you love cats? I love it, especially black cats. You see, cat always stands for mystery, and people think black cat brings misfortune, but just as its mystery which grabs my eyes. Do you love black cat?
Now I’ll show some various black cats in a room for you! And maybe you’ll love them after reading this post.
A cat lady travels alone, where is she going? London? New York? Paris? Give her a direction…Maybe Paris is a nice choice – a romantic city where she could meet her soulmate, and then end up with the journey of they two.

Woo~ A love story happens!! ‘Hi! Would u date with me?’ ‘I only wanna stay here, it’s too cold outside!’~

Cats party! Which is the King?

‘Be quiet!! Follow me!’ Four black cats perform their task in the evening! They’re the fairy of the night!

‘Take care!!’ Naughty cats, right? But it looks like the real one. Maybe they can threaten the mouses!!

Which is your favorite? All of these are my love!! So lovely!!

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