Tree-themed Wall Sticker

Nature is the common homeland of mankind. This view of nature and our place in it must be natural, since we are a vital part of it in our life and go back to it when we die.

However, in this era, people have become accustomed to living in the concrete jungle. They even rarely have time to breathe fresh air. Mother Nature has become increasingly unfamiliar and even almost disappeared in some people's lives.
The above conditions are detrimental to our physical and mental health, especially to our children. We need to be freed from busy lives in the noisy and congested city, throwing ourselves into the embrace of Mother Nature. She can set our spirit free and put the hassles of daily living into perspective.
So, today, the wall sticker I wanna introduce to my friends is also related to the nature. They are the tree-themed wall sticker. To most people, the tree must be the most representative thing in the nature. Tree wall art sticker decals can bring spring into your house and remind you not to forget to be in close touch with our nature.





Interesting Ways to “Dress Up” Your Laptop

From laptop skins to etchings to USB accessories, there is no limit to the ways you can "dress up" your laptop to make it look and feel just the way you want it to. From removable to permanent changes, there are all sorts of ways you can change your laptop’s appearance, and geek out to your heart’s content.

Here we got some interesting ways for you to realize it~

1. Skins and Decals
For a temporary change, laptop skins and decals that are easily removable are great way to change up your laptop, without making any permanent changes. When purchasing, just make sure that they are easily removable, otherwise you’ll be stuck with that sticker for as long as you have the laptop.

2.Sleeves and Hard Cases
If your priority is to keep your laptop protected, you can do it in style with funky sleeves and hardshell cases.

3.Keyboard and Mouse Accessories
Another less permanent way to dress up your laptop is to accessorise your keyboard and mouse.

4.USB Accessories
USB Accessories are another easy way to get all those little extras you might need to have around you while you’re working on your laptop.

Colorful Paper Sculptures

Paper is two-dimensional and lifeless. But through some people's cutting, folding, bending, and shaping, things are turned to the next level. The paper becomes not only three-dimensional, but also vivid with life. The paper becomes an artwork — Paper Sculpture.

Each paper sculpture has its own story, when you concentrate on watching them, maybe they will tell you what happened to their magic world~

Here I wanna show you some colorful and delicate paper sculptures, you can put them in your home as unique decorations. They will make your home full of artistic atmosphere and look different from others'~


Wonderful Paper Craft Castle

Can you imagine a splendent castle made of paper? This morning, I saw this wonderful paper craft on the internet by accident and i was totally attracted by this art work. The installation is hand made over four years of hard work, complete with electrical lights and a moving train, all made of paper!

I do admire this artist's creativity and imagination. Accomplishing this kind of work needs stunning patience and carefulness because you must cut and fold piece by piece and can not ignore any details. This is definitely a tough task, even for those people who engage in papaercraft.

Therefore, I really think we should thank this outstanding artist for giving us such a fantastic work of art~ For now, enjoy the pictures~


Creative Wallpapers That You Would Not Think Of

Wallpaper is very ordinary for us. To decorate our home, we may have seen a wide variety of wallpapers for different uses. However, Wallpaper isn't what it used to be and I bet you never thought it could look this unique!

So you have your absolutely amazing house and insanely cool furniture – what comes next? New ideas and revolutionary techniques have allowed artists and designers to bring two-dimensional surfaces to life through creative wallpapers and wallpaper designs. 

Let's take a look~

To tell you the truth, i thought it was a lobster when i first saw this picture...
Pay attention that actually it is a big red pepper :D
I believe that having this wallpaper in your kitchen will bring you a good appetite.

This wallpaper on the elevator door is so creepy...but also very three-dimensional feeling like the angry dog will almost rush out...It reminds me of the monster with three heads in 《Harry Potter》...

Light-emitting wallpaper owes its appealing luminescence to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) embedded in the wall covering. Tiny, thin and cool, LEDs allow wallpaper designers like Jonas Samson of The Netherlands to create innovative wallpapers that double as light sources – they can even be adjusted to provide as much light as needed or desired.
Interactivity can liven up wallpaper in a hurry, as these color-changing papers by artist Shi Yuan illustrate. Heat rising from a wall-mounted radiator causes a berry bush to bloom while above right, the warmth of one’s hands add color to a previously monotone background.

Notes of a different kind make up the above wallpaper, Pixelnotes from artist and graphic designer Duncan Wilson. The wallpaper is made up of four layers divided into individual squares resembling sticky notes. The notes can even be written upon and detached, exposing a different colored note from the layer beneath. As notes are removed, a pattern begins to reveal itself.


Wallpapers For Children

Create your children's rooms with lovely wallpapers will be an interesting task. The wall decal will instantly transform the look of your space.You can coordinate the color of the wallpaper with the colors of toys and furnishings of the room. The patterns and motifs come in myriad of styles too. Easy to clean and stain-resistant wallpaper is a must in a child's room. The wallpaper must not come out easily. Depending on the size of the walls, choose single, double or triple rolls of wallpapers that provide longer continuous lengths of paper accordingly.

Photo Story
Significant photos in childhood development can be stuck on this wallpaper. This will be very memorable.

Though cute designs and wallpapers may look tempting, one has to keep in mind the fact that the design should be chosen keeping in mind not just the childhood, but also a few more years ahead. This one can also be used in the future when the children become adults and adding to the simple and fresh design, it will be suitable for both girls and boys.


Recommendable Bathroom Wallpapers

Consider upgrading your bathroom? Wallpapers are the ideal and most importantly inexpensive way to outwardly dramatic changes.Bathroom wallpaper is so essential in the overall ambience of your bathroom,because it makes the whole room.Bathroom wallpapers can turn an ordinary room into a lively, comfortable experience.

It's worth noting that wallpaper is a great way to add colour to a bathroom and there are ranges designed specifically to cope with the steamy conditions. These papers are usually vinyl-based and will withstand splashes but should not be used in any place where they will come into prolonged contact with water.

Today,i would like to recommend some natural and special bathroom wallpapers to you and i hope you will like them:D

Make bath time more fun with some nautical wallpaper. It's easy to accessorise with real beach shells. That will be fantasic to have a feeling of being in the ocean~

This smart tented stripe wallpaper is available in a wide range of colours and will perfectly complement a traditional bathroom scheme.

Want to tap into the wood panelling trend without breaking the bank? Why not create a feature wall using textured or printed wallpaper? This wood-print paper adds a Scandinavian touch to this neutral bathroom.

Tapping in to the trend that calls for 1960s and 1970s-style prints and accessories this spring, I love the way this bathroom teams retro and folk details without coming over too twee. The geometric floor tiles and hints of orange in the wallpaper will liven up bathrooms of all sizes.

Create a luxurious country feel in your bathroom by using a muted floral design, teamed with soft grey and mustard tones, and wooden wall panels.

Add a subtle shimmer to a plain white scheme with this delicate print from Graham & Brown's Contour range. The Spa design is also available in a grey, pale pink or cream colourway.

If you want your bathroom to feel cosy, choose a print more often used for bedroom or living room feature walls. This brown and teal flock should fit with bill, with the added bonus of the print hiding any uneven plaster.