Record Your Memory – Remember your happiness

Sunny day! And I’m very happy to see the sunshine in such cold day! So glad to share beautiful things to all of you:D!!!! Before this post, I wanna ask you a question, do you remember your last journey? Last friends meeting? Last date with your lover? Or last christmas day with your family? whether it was a happy time or sad moment, do you still keep in your mind? Actually, I can not remember all of happy moment or sorrow moment… Thus, I wanna present an idea for you to recall your precious memories!!!!
Yes! It’s wall decals frames, not the true photo frame. You can see different style, like vintage, lovely, modern and etc. Which is you favorite? (I love all of these:D!) Vintage frame decals release a mistical feeling, just like an old story is always going on…

Which photo is your first date with your lover? Who pleased you on friends meeting day? Why were you tearing? Your lover proposed to you?...... So much precious memories need to be treasured. What’s your opinion?
I wish all of you could be happy and keep a nice smile on your day after reading my post!!! :D LOVE U My Friends!!!!

 {Pics from dezignwithaz, tradingphrases, etsystatic, kaboodle, wallquotesdecals, apartmenttherapy, thanks for sharing!!:D}

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