Fallen leaves create a warm room

Hi! My frnz! How r u today? Hmmm…It’s a rainy day here, and colder than yesterday. When I was outside, walking down the fallen leaves, I feel fresh (although it is so cold) and beautiful. I love fall, especially golden fallen leaves of the fall. You see, golden yellow releases a warm feeling in the cool season, right? 

Maple leaves wall decals are nice choice for us, who also love the cool season and golden fallen leaves. Sticking in the bedroom or bookroom is the best, I think. Room represents a warm and peaceful space, so mellow and soft are the key. If you read my simple life, you’ll see I desire a house, small but warm. I wanna be relaxed when I go back home. Sometimes I wanna decorate my house according to my hobbies and mood, so I share the idea and my thought with you.

If you are single, try to change your surroundings to enrich your life, and take care of yourself! If not, change something new and surprise your lover and yourself! It is colder and colder, keep warm, my friends!

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