Simple life

I am a simple woman. I love shopping rather than study, love snack rather than dinner, just the same as common women do. I desire to be loved and I would love you too. I wish I could look at you when I open my eyes in the morning, and you could say ‘good night’ to me in the evening. I have lots of wish, just as I am a simple woman.
pink room
What’s more, I desire to have a warm house, which is neat and nice. A warm bed, cute pillows and a laptop – my own area. I wanna decorate my space with different things and styles, just I love. I hope my study room surrounded by warm colored tone, and soft pillows everywhere. My bedroom would be in pink, in which curtains are pink, bed is pink, pink or beige carpet with floral pattern, and pink themed wall. I wanna create a pink and warm area, just my own. In my heart, home is my spirit prop. I am a simple woman, what I need is just only a warm home, not too be large. I think warm is my lover and me cooking together in the kitchen; chatting my childhood in the sofa with parents; and one day when I have a child, telling the Andersen's Fairy Tales in the bed……sweet smile, a blessing and love care are enough. And you?
pink room
This is my first post, I wish you could have a simple but colorful life! I'll share the warm with you!

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