School Stickers and Rewards

People love to be praised and rewarded, it gives a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. Stickers and other complimentary motivation products are an effective and time efficient resource for any teacher to reinforce positive messages. Round, square, sparkly or smiley, they are great to give and even better to receive! Their benefit also goes beyond the immediate pleasure of being given one.

We live in a busy world, and it is often hard to find enough time to communicate with all of the people we need to, and when we do find time there's not always enough of it. School parents evenings give the opportunity for parents and teachers to talk about their child's progress, but on a day to day basis it is not possible to tell every parent of every child if they have done well in maths that day, been well behaved in class, or if they have homework or reading to do that night.

It's here that the sticker and other motivation products such as certificates, postcards and praise notes can help. By rewarding a child with a sticker you are not just showing the pupil that they've done a great piece of work or been really helpful that day, you're sending a message home which shows their parents or guardians that they have achieved something good and that you've recognised and rewarded them for it. They will be praised at home as well as at school and in turn this can help positive behaviour and effort in and out of the classroom. Stickers are also a great way to send messages home about homework or as a reminder, such as if someone has had a bump on the head.

Other motivation products such as charts and bookmarks, with spaces for stickers, date and/ or number of pages read, are also a great way to keep track of and reward a child for a specific task. If a child is given a book to read at school and home then they provide a great way to communicate to parents or guardians, teachers and the child the progress made. The student can be rewarded with a sticker for good reading and progress, and each time they go to read the book and see the bookmark, they will be reminded and motivated by what they have achieved.

Stickers and motivation products are certainly about rewarding good work, behaviour and giving reminders. Just as importantly they also help aid the communication between teachers, parents and children, helping everyone know what goes on on a daily and weekly basis and helping things to run a bit more smoothly. Long live the sticker!