Create an Indoor Jungle With Tree Wall Decals

Look, we all understand how hard it is to decorate a home in a unique and eye catching manner. It seems that all the good ideas have already been taken by everybody else. Coming up with a fun design that makes your home unique can seem impossible. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is not an impossibility. Many people forget about one of the more interesting methods of interior decoration: wall. Wall can install and uninstall from your wall in a matter of seconds. Their matte vinyl finish is wonderfully rendered, making your walls look professionally designed.

Tree decals are... well, they're decals that look like trees. A tree wall decal can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. They can be rendered to look photo-realistically or cartoonish and amusing. Using a tree wall decal has many purposes that may not be immediately obvious. Any creative person can come up with a thousand great uses that go beyond anything I have to offer.

A Simple Christmas Tree Decoration
Putting up a Christmas tree every year can be an exhausting and difficult process for many people. Even an artificial tree can be a strain for many people. They are definitely worth the effort but sometimes you don't want to go through the effort or want multiple trees.

A Christmas tree wall decal will go up on the walls in seconds and stay up all year. Take it down after Christmas is over, roll it up and store it for use later. People will always remember the year you put up a Christmas tree decal instead of a normal tree. Maybe it'll even catch on and spread in your neighborhood?

Creating a Jungle Bedroom
Tree decals can also make excellent bedroom designs for children (or even the child in any adult). Pick out a series of wall that are united by the type of trees used. For example, using coconut trees helps turn the bedroom into a jungle bedroom. Using maple or evergreen trees helps turn the room into a thick, northern forest.

Try to find animal wall to hang on the walls. These will add an even stronger "naturalistic" flair to the bedroom, making it look even more like an exiting and wild forest. The nice thing about the decals is that they can be taken down quickly if you or your child get sick of them.

Educational Tool

Kids often have to learn about various kinds of trees in school. Put up different types of these decals to help create a diverse forest in your home. Walk through the house with your kids and look at each tree wall decal. Name the type of tree represented by the tree wall decals. Point out ways you can tell the trees apart from other trees. Leave the trees decals up after your child has finished the exam.